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Sublime Text plugin to derive, or URLs to files in your project. No more traversing your file structure finding the file you are working on.

Written by Ryan Scherf : -
CodebaseHQ support by

How it works

Right click in side menu Right click in a file

Copy URLs to files

command + shift + c Right click any file in the sidebar (that is part of a Git repository) and go to the GitLink menu item to see options.

Copy URLs to files with a deeplink the line number

Right click anywhere within the file you are currently editing. Your cursor position determines which line number will be used for the deeplink.

Open URLs in your default browser as a new tab

command + shift + o Use your default web browser (Chrome) to skip a step and open any of the links automatically in a new tab.


The easiest is to install using Package control.

To install manually, you can clone Git repository directly:

  • cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/
  • git clone
  • Restart Sublime Text


GitHub and Sublime Text are powerful; I know all of you can make this way better than me.

  1. Fork/clone the repository
  2. Add whatever you'd like
  3. Submit a Pull Request


  1. Star the Github repository
  2. Follow on Twitter and tell me how much you love this plugin
  3. Use it however you'd like