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Handful of somewhat specific functionality that might be useful, but not worth including in the library itself.

Scripts can be built by cding into their directory and running rebar3 escriptize, with the compiled script ending up in _build/default/bin.

Static reference checker

If you suspect that an object isn't being garbage collected because it's held through some series of pointers that ends in a static variable, this script should come in handy. Given a dump file and an object ID, it will scan the reference graph to try and find chains of pointers from a static context that eventually reference your object.

As an example, if I had an activity that I suspected wasn't getting garbage collected I could first find it's ID using the REPL:

{ok, Parser} = hprof_parser:parse_file(InFile).
{ok, ActivityRef} = hprof_parser:get_instances_for_class(Parser, <<"com.example.activity.MyNonGcActivity">>).
{ok, ObjectIds} = hprof:await_acc(ActivityRef, [], fun(A, I) -> [I#hprof_heap_instance.object_id|A] end).
% ObjectIds: [901239520,896555536,896052368,895532976,...]

Once we know the ID is of an object that we think should have been GCd, we can use the script to find out what's keeping references to it:

$ _build/default/bin/main dump.hprof 896555536
Populating reference mapping table...
 - Instances...
 - Object arrays...
 - Class dumps...
Loaded 1805702 object mappings in 201 seconds
Waiting for reference chains...
Found statically referenced chain:
 com.example.utility.CardCache -static cachedCards-> 866149120
 java.lang.Object[] array (857898624) -> 896566080
 com.example.cards.ContentCard (896566080) -mParent-> 896566032
 com.example.cards.ContentCard$ViewHolder(895754848) -mParent-> 896571264
 com.example.activity.MyNonGcActivity$1 (896571264) -this$0-> 896555536
 com.example.activity.MyNonGcActivity (896555536)