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#include <catch.hpp>
#include "test_utils.hpp"
#include <Vwb_ram.h>
static const int RAM_SIZE_WORDS = 512;
TEST_CASE("Read/write with sel test", "[MEMORY]") {
WishboneTestData<Vwb_ram> td("wb_ram_test.vcd");
// Write some data to address zero
td.wb_write(0x0, 0xDEADBEEF);
// Assert that we may read it back
REQUIRE(td.wb_read(0x0) == 0xDEADBEEF);
// Write something else to the next 32-bit word address
td.wb_write(0x4, 0xFA73C0DE);
REQUIRE(td.wb_read(0x4) == 0xFA73C0DE);
// The second write should not have affected our first write
REQUIRE(td.wb_read(0x0) == 0xDEADBEEF);
// Write a new word, but only select the lower two bytes
td.wb_write(0x0, 0xFEEDCAFE, 0b0011);
// Assert that when we read the data back, only the low bytes changed
REQUIRE(td.wb_read(0x0) == 0xDEADCAFE);
// Check the same is true for the high bytes
td.wb_write(0x0, 0xFACEF00D, 0b1100);
REQUIRE(td.wb_read(0x0) == 0xFACECAFE);