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Reinteract is a interactive shell for Python that allows changing history, not just
repeating it. You can go back to early statements, edit them, and the changes flow
through the rest of the subsequent code. You might think of it as a Python 'worksheet'.
For more information.
Copyright 2007-2009 Owen Taylor, Red Hat, Inc., and others
Reinteract is licensed under the simplified BSD license. See the file COPYING
for full details.
To run Reinteract from this directory, just type:
At the command line. There's no need to run the configure script first.
The standard autotools setup here is meant for the people packaging
Reinteract for system install on Linux and Unix systems. If you aren't
doing that, just run Reinteract from this directory or create a
symlink from bin/uninst to $HOME/bin/uninst.
Latest Sources
You can get the latest sources using git:
git clone git://
Owen Taylor <>
11 November 2007
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