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This is a LaTeX template meeting the submission requirements for the 2015 International Conference on Information Systems.


There are two template files included here. The first (icis.cls) is a fully compliant template for submitting anonymous drafts for review. The second (icisfinal.cls) is final submission template, for which the author information and abstract are designed to be included in the file. Follow the example of testdoc.tex for how to include abstract, author, and keywords in the final submission. For the initial submission (for review), remove the author table and abstract block.


  • Document MUST be compiled with XeLaTeX in order to support the Georgia font family
  • You must have the Georgia font installed on the compiling computer
  • You must have the Biber software installed (automatically done for MiKTeX)


Set \documentclass{icis} and put icis.cls and biblatex.cfg in the directory with your main LaTeX document. In order to fill the template, you need to set a few options in your TeX file. These are demonstrated in testdoc.tex.

\researchtype{}   % Indicate whether this is Completed Research or Research in Progress
\shorttitle{}     % Give this document a short title (8 words or fewer)
\track{}          % Indicate which track this will go to.

In your preamble, use the following command to add your bibliography:


and use \printbibliography at the end of your document to print the bibliography

Ubuntu Specific Recommendations

To use the Georgia font, you need to install the MS core fonts:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

For some reason, XeLaTeX complains about a line in the cls file:

! Package xkeyval Error: `TeX' undefined in families `Ligatures'.

I replaced:




and it compiled without problems.

======= Since I no longer use Natbib, you should now use biblatex commands for citations: \parencite{} for parentheticals, \textcite{} for text citations (e.g., "Byron et al. (1999) found..."). For the best level of adaptability to future citation requirements, use \autocite{} instead of \parencite{}. Use \citeauthor and \citeyear to cite only the author or year.