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Data Explorer 3

Managing all kinds of data in the Visual FoxPro IDE using an extensible tool!

Project Manager: Rick Schummer

The Data Explorer lets you examine data and components in Visual FoxPro databases, SQL Server databases, VFP free tables, or any other ODBC or OLE DB compliant database via an ADO connection. It can run as a task pane or as a standalone tool. Those familiar with SQL Server's Management Studio or Visual Studio's Server Explorer immediately notice some similarities, but this tool works with all kinds of data, is completely integrated in the Visual FoxPro IDE, and is extensible in true VFP tradition.

Version 3 extends on the functionality provided by the Data Explorer released with Sedna. Specifically:

  • Export/Import of Data Explorer features to share with others
  • BROWSE for SQL Server with data update capability
  • Toggling the Dock State of the Data Explorer form when standalone
  • New LIST STRU off the shortcut menu
  • New connection type for Directory shows list of all DBFs in a folder
  • Corrected bug in Display Show Plan option added to Sedna version of Data Explorer
  • VFPX Repository (

New file called ChangeLog.TXT included in the project and source with latest changes in each release.


VFPX DataExplorer 3 to manage data in the Visual FoxPro IDE with an extensible tool.



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