This is a test solution used to interact with the InControl service in your own Visual Studio 2010 solution.
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About InControl-ServiceReferences

InControl Home Automation ( is a software program that can interact with your home automation. It currently has plugins to support Z-Wave (zwave), Clipsal/Cbus, Foscam IP Cameras and Sonos.

This project is a sample solution that requires you have InControl installed and running on your home network. This project can talk to InControl to retrieve and interact with all your home automation devices.


  • Make sure InControl Home Automation is installed on your network (
  • Make sure your project's target framework is .NET Framework 4 or higher. Note that the Client Profile framework will not work.
  • Add a reference to InControlServiceReference.dll.
  • Add a reference to System.Runtime.Serialization.

Here's some sample code to get your started. See the test project for some more syntax and commands.

// Customize these values to match your own server's ip, port and password
var server = "";
var port = 1178;
var password = "yourpassword";

// Get the service
var service = InControlServiceReference.HaService.getService(server, port);

// Get all devices
var devices = service.devices(password);