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Documenting steps to convert ruboto-irb over to ruboto-core
gem install ruboto-core
(From project project parent directory)
ruboto gen app --name "Ruboto IRB" --activity IRB --package org.ruboto.irb --path ./Ruboto_IRB --target android-8
Mods to default app gen
- Remove res/layout/main.xml
- Remove default icons for different resolutions
- Modified res/values/strings.xml app name IRB to Ruboto IRB
Copy from original project
- ruboto-key.keystore
- keystore values into (, key.alias,, key.alias.password)
- and change package to org.ruboto (now added back into ruboto-core)
- res/drawable directory (change name app_icon to icon)
- assets/demo-scripts directory (removed demo-ruboto-irb and ruboto)
- res/layout/empty_relative_layout.xml
- local.properies.EXAMPLE
- .gitignore
- README.markdown
- libraries (jruby-jar ones are not ready for use yet)
Generate custom activites, add to manifest, write script
ruboto gen class Activity --name ShortcutBuilder
ruboto gen class Activity --name ScriptLauncher (for shortcuts)
Bring over components of the old manifest
- Permissions
- Screen resolution
- Prefers sdcard
- Version #
- Version name
- Activity definition of RobotoActivity & Dialog
- Intent definition for browsing *.rb
- Activity definition for ShortcutBuilder and ScriptLauncher
Additional classes:
- Created RubotoEditText to use for LineNumbeEditText
Modified irb.rb
- Begin with demo-ruboto-irb.rb
- Setup $SCRIPT_DIR variable instead of assuming cwd
- Fixed bug reloading scripts from assets
- Copy scripts if they don't exist
- Add in 3.0 functionality
Changes already made in github:
- Remove "abstract" on RubotoActivity
- Added and change package to org.ruboto
- Modified ruboto.rb to handle both RubotoActivity and RubotoDialog
- Switch to launching activities using class instead of class name
Changes made to this source (suggested for ruboto-core):
- Added printStackTrace to RubotoActivity when script fails
- roboto.rb - Added the ability to import widgets from other packages than android.widget
- Added array to hold menu_items to fix bug where menus didn't work
- callback gen needs to set run's ruby_method to on_run (all callbacks that don't start with "on")
- change all attempts to print to ruby's error stream to just print (forcing it to logcat)
- Rake to setup libraries
- Better way to force scripts to reload
Mods to demo scripts
- Modified demo date dialog to use java dates
- Modified script_market to not use Script.getDir
To do:
- Remove menu and code to reload irb.rb
- Work with old SDKs
- Stack problem
- Split tab contents into separate scripts
- Make a way to encapsulate a view into its own object