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#Turntable API

A simple nodejs wrapper for the turntable API


npm install ttapi

Find your AUTH, USERID and ROOMID informations with that bookmarklet.


Chat bot

This bot respond to anybody who write "/hello" on the chat.

var Bot = require('ttapi');
var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID, ROOMID);

bot.on('speak', function (data) {
   // Respond to "/hello" command
   if (data.text.match(/^\/hello$/)) {
      bot.speak('Hey! How are you '' ?');


var Bot    = require('ttapi');
var AUTH   = 'auth+live+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
var USERID = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
var ROOMID = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID);

bot.on('ready',        function (data) { bot.roomRegister(ROOMID); });
bot.on('roomChanged',  function (data) { console.log('The bot has changed room.', data); });

bot.on('speak',        function (data) { console.log('Someone has spoken', data); });
bot.on('update_votes', function (data) { console.log('Someone has voted',  data); });
bot.on('registered',   function (data) { console.log('Someone registered', data); });

Dynamic bot

var Bot  = require('ttapi')
  , repl = require('repl');

var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID, ROOMID);
repl.start('> ') = bot;

// ...

REPL allows you to dynamically call the bot functions and modify his variables during his execution.


bot.debug = true;

That will print on the terminal all the data that you get and all the data that you send.

Hosting : Free hosting for nodejs projects.



Here are some examples of the data that you'll receive from those events.

on('tcpConnect', function (socket) { })

Triggered when a socket open a connection.

on('tcpMessage', function (socket, msg) { })

Triggered when the bot receive a tcp message.

on('tcpEnd', function (socket) { })

Triggered when a socket close its connection.

on('httpRequest', function (request, response) { })

Triggered when the bot receive an http request.

on('roomChanged', function (data) { })

Triggered when the bot enter in a room.

on('registered', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user enter the room.

on('deregistered', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user leave the room.

on('speak', function (data) { })

Triggered when a new message is send via the chat.

on('endsong', function (data) { })

Triggered at the end of the song. (Just before the newsong/nosong event)

The data returned by this event contain informations about the song that have just ended.

on('newsong', function (data) { })

Triggered when a new song start.

on('nosong', function (data) { })

Triggered when there is no song.

on('update_votes', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user vote.

on('booted_user', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user is booted.

on('update_user', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user change his name/infos.

on('add_dj', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user take a dj spot.

on('rem_dj', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user leave a dj spot.

on('new_moderator', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user is granted to moderator title.

on('rem_moderator', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user loose his moderator title.

on('snagged', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user queues the currently playing song.

on('pmmed', function (data) { })

Triggered when the bot receive a private message.


tcpListen ( port, address )

Start a tcp server.

listen ( port, address )

Start a http server.

roomNow ( [callback:fn] )

Get the turntable server time.

listRooms ( skip=0:int [, callback:fn] )

Get 20 rooms.

directoryGraph ( callback:fn )

Get the location of your friends/idols.

stalk ( userId:string [, allInformations=false:bool ], callback:fn )

Get the location of a user. If allInformations is true, you'll also receive the informations about the room and the user.


This function will make the bot becoming fan of the user.

getFavorites ( callback:fn )

Get your favorites rooms.

addFavorite ( roomId:string [, callback:fn ] )

Add a room to your favorite.

remFavorite ( roomId:string [, callback:fn ] )

Remove a room from your favorite.

roomRegister ( roomId:string [, callback:fn] )

Register in a room.

roomDeregister ( [callback:fn] )

Deregister from the current room.

roomInfo ( [[extended=true:bool, ]callback:fn] )

Get the current room informations. Do not include song log if 'extended' is false.

speak ( msg:string [, callback:fn] )

Broadcast a message on the chat.

bootUser ( userId:string, reason:string [, callback:fn] )

Boot a user.

boot ( userId:string, reason:string [, callback:fn] )

Alias of bootUser().

addModerator ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Add a moderator.

remModerator ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Remove a moderator.

addDj ( [callback:fn] )

Add yourself as a Dj.

remDj ( [[userId:string, ]callback:fn] )

Remove a Dj.

stopSong ( [callback:fn] )

Skip the current song.

skip ( [callback:fn] )

Alias of stopSong().

vote ( val:enum('up', 'down') [, callback:fn] )

Vote for the current song.

bop ( )

Alias of vote('up').

userAuthenticate ( [callback:fn] )

Authenticate the user.

userInfo ( [callback:fn] )

Get the current user informations.

getFanOf ( callback:fn )

Get the list of who you became fan.

getProfile ( [[userId:string, ]callback:fn] )

Get a user profile.

modifyProfile ( profile:obj [, callback:fn] )

Modify your profile. Any missing properties from the 'profile' object will be replaced with the current values.


  • profile:obj (required)
    • name:string (optional)
    • twitter:string (optional)
    • facebook:string (optional)
    • website:string (optional)
    • about:string (optional)
    • topartists:string (optional)
    • hangout:string (optional)
  • callback:fn (optional)


bot.modifyProfile({ website:'', about:'My bot.' }, callback);

modifyLaptop ( laptop:enum('linux', 'mac', 'pc', 'chrome' , 'iphone') [, callback:fn] )

Modify your laptop.

modifyName ( name:string [, callback:fn] )

Modify your name.

setAvatar ( avatarId:int [, callback:fn] )

Set your avatar.

becomeFan ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Fan someone.

removeFan ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Unfan someone.

snag ( [ callback:fn ] )

Snag the song.


This function will not add the song into the queue.

pm (msg:string, receiverId:string, [ callback:fn ] )

Send a private message.

pmHistory ( receiverId:string, callback:fn )

Get the private conversation history.

setStatus ( status:enum('available', 'unavailable', 'away') [, callback:fn ] )

Set your current status.

playlistAll ( [ playlistName:string, ] callback:fn )

Get all informations about a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • callback (required)


bot.playlistAll(playlistName, callback);

playlistAdd ( [ playlistName:string, ] songId:string [, index:int [, callback:fn]] )

Add a song on a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • songId (required)
  • index (optional) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistAdd(songId, idx);
bot.playlistAdd(songId, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(songId, idx, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, idx);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, idx, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(false, songId, callback); // Backward compatibility
bot.playlistAdd(false, songId);           // Backward compatibility

playlistRemove ( [ playlistName:string, ] index:int [, callback:fn ] )

Remove a song on a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • index (optional) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistRemove(index, callback);
bot.playlistRemove(playlistName, index);
bot.playlistRemove(playlistName, index, callback);

playlistReorder ( [ playlistName:string, ] indexFrom:int, indexTo:int [, callback:fn ] )

Reorder a playlist. Take the song at index indexFrom and move it to index indexTo.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • indexFrom (required) default: 0
  • indexTo (required) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistReorder(indexFrom, indexTo);
bot.playlistReorder(indexFrom, indexTo, callback);
bot.playlistReorder(playlistName, indexFrom, indexTo);
bot.playlistReorder(playlistName, indexFrom, indexTo, callback);