Assets 4

• Hotfix for showlights index exception
• Added checkbox to generate minimum default showlights which may be used to correct index exception error if it occurs.
• Test/Beta Version Bug Fixes, Updates and New Features have been incorporated into this; the toolkit release version
• Added support for Wwise 2013.1.x through 2016.1.x build series. Toolkit generates wem files from ogg or wav.
• Toolkit is compatible with EOF abridged and non-abridged XML Arrangements
• Added Vocals Editor
• Added Showlights Editor
• Improved song information validation and error checking
• Auto add dynamic difficulty to arrangements (option may be customized using the Configuration Menu)
• Incorporates DDC Version 3.3 for compatibility with EOF abridged XML Arrangements
• Added new drag/drop toneliberator.exe CLI tool to bulk extract and create tones2014.xml files from any CDLC psarc file(s) or folder(s).

Rocksmith Toolkit - CDLC Creator GUI:


Rocksmith Toolkit - New Vocals Editor:


Rocksmith Toolkit - New Showlights Editor:


Rocksmith Toolkit - Song Packs Creator: