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ActivePatterns Fixate nemerle version to 1.2.0.x.
ComputationExpressions Fix project to use embedded dependencies.
DelayedComputations Revert "Add documentation file for debug build."
IssuesGet Make path Unix compatible.
NReporter Update NReporter
Nemerle.Async Make path Unix compatible.
Nemerle.Diff Generalizing diff API
Nemerle.Statechart Make path Unix compatible.
Nemerle.Test Make path Unix compatible.
Nemerle.Unsafe Make path Unix compatible.
Nemerle.VirtualStatics Make path Unix compatible.
Nemerle.WPF NotifyPropertyChanged macro fix
Nemerle.WUI.Reactive Upgrade projects from snippets.
Nemerle.Web.Mvc Upgrade projects from snippets.
Nemerle.Xml Fix the "xml" prefix handling.
ObjectExpressions Revert "Add documentation file for debug build."
PasswordStrength [Snippets] PasswordStrength refactoring due to review comments for r9771
Threading Revert "Add documentation file for debug build."
VS2010 Refactoring parse event dispatching.
WordToRsdnMlConverter Work on WordToRsdnMlConverter
ants-icfp2004 Formating
aop Fix snippet compilation.
codegentests Cecil.GenericBaseClassAndOverrideOfNonPublicVirtualMethod test added
concurrency Formating
course Replace tabs to spaces.
designpatt Formating
gon Replace tabs to spaces.
gtk Replace tabs to spaces.
nemerle.statechart Make path Unix compatible.
ntrace Change generic types to new syntax.
opengl Fix CF/LF
overload [Build] Put VsIntegration to bin and obj directories.
peg-parser Fix SingleLineSourceSnapshot.
raytracer Breaking changes!!!
sharpdevelop [Compiler] Refactoring (renaming).
shootout Add cheap concurrency samples to Language Shootout ported by Micky La…
sioux Formating
sokoban Breaking changes!!!
synq Breaking changes!!!
the-game Formating
Makefile Add aop to compilation of snippets
README Fixed code snippets.
blogComments.n Breaking changes!!!
boyer-moore.n Formating
formatter.n Breaking changes!!!
gl-example.n Use code, which do not generate warning
hanoi.n Formating
hanoi2.n Change generic types to new syntax.
interpreter-m.n Breaking changes!!!
interpreter-p.n Add simple interpreter and compiler example.
lcs.n Merge generics branch into trunk.
myPoll.n Formating
nondec-subseq.n Import some more namespaces in nested usings and aliases. Use faster …
nswiki.n Breaking changes!!!
poll-cgi.n Breaking changes!!!
power-race.n Change generic types to new syntax.
rachunki.n [Compiler] Fixes issue 1196.
shift-or.n Formating
sql.n Make reader loop check for DB null values
sql1.n Generalize sql macros
suffix.n Breaking changes!!!


This directory contains some sample programs and developer
regression tests that couldn't be run automatically.

  ntrace                -- a utility for tracing memory 
                           allocation errors in C programs
  sioux                 -- a Nemerle HTTP server
  boyer-moore.n         -- Boyer-Moore algorithm
  knuth-morris-pratt.n  -- Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm
  lcs.n                 -- longest common substring
  nondec-subseq.n       -- longest non-decreasing subsequence
  rachunki.n            -- a billing generator for a conference
  shift-or.n            -- shift-or text searching algorithm
  sql.n                 -- example of data base connectivity
  suffix.n              -- suffix trees
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