Grokking Nemerle

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"This is as rock; tolk in the True Speech."
from A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

Don't Panic!

This document contains materials used to teach Nemerle during the "Nemerle Programming Language" course taught at our institute. It should make a good tutorial.

There are references to various languages throughout this document. If you don't know much about these languages -- just ignore these remarks. As for remarks for the C language -- unless otherwise stated they also apply to C# and Java.

Some links: grokking?!, don't panic.

  1. Grok Base structure of programs
  2. Grok Namespaces
  3. Grok Functionals
  4. Grok Various data structures
  5. Grok Variants and matching
  6. Grok The rest
  7. Grok Object oriented programming
  8. Grok Parametric polymorphism
  9. Grok Exceptions
  10. Grok Properties, indexers, delegates and events