A simple assertion library for testing JavaScript code in the web browser or Mongo's shell. It is inspired by Node's assert module.
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A simple assertion library for testing JavaScript code in the browser or MongoDB 2.2 shell. It is inspired by Node's assert module.

Using assert-this

with MongoDB Shell

Building JavaScript tests to run in the MongoDB shell requires loading assert-this.js as well as the test of your scripts.

	// Run this assertion tests in MongoDB's shell
	assert = require("assert");

with web browser

Building JavaScript tests to run in the browser requires three files - an HTML page to invoke your JavaScript library; your JavaScript tests; and your library you're testing.


In the following example the JavaScript file that needs tests is named mylib.js. The html wrapper page is called test_mylib.js. The test script is named test_mylib.js.

HTML Wrapper

All the HTML wrapper page needs to do is load assert-this.js, your test JavaScript code and your library.

	<!DOCTYPE html>
			<title>Test mylib.js</title>
			<h1>Test mylib.js</h1>
			<h2>Loading assert-this</h2>
			<script src="assert-this"></script>
			<h2>Loading test_mylib.js</h2>
			<script src="test_mylib.js"></script>
			<h2>Loading mylib.js</h2>
			<script src="mylib.js"></script>
			<h2>Loading complete</h2>

This will load your JS and if console.log is available write the output of the tests to the JavaScript console (e.g. you'reusing Chrome or Firefox) or append to the page if console is not available.

Your test

This is what test_mylib.js would look like. For our demo mylib.js has one function. This is an example of testing it.

	// test_mylib.js - This is the test to demostrate assert-this.js usage.
	// This test is assumed to be run from an HTML page in the browser and
	// that assert-this.js has already been loaded as well as the library
	// we'll be testing.

	// Here's a simple test for myAdd function from mylib.js
	assert.equal(myAdd(1,1), 2, "One plus one should equal two");

the demo library

mylib.js a demo function to test.

	// mylib.js - This is a demo library to show how assert-this.js
	// might be used.
	// Add two numbers
	var myAdd = function (a, b) {
		return a + b;

Running your tests

Place assert-this.js, your test code, test HTML page and your library in the same directory where your web server will service the your test html page.