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opt changes

version 0.0.7 to 0.0.8

This following functions have been depreciated.

  • opt.set(...) has been depreciated in favor of opt.option(...)
  • opt.parse(...) has been depreciated in favor of opt.optionWith(...)
  • opt.setup(...) has been depreciated in favor of opt.optionHelp(...)

This following functions have been added.

  • has been added for defining RESTful request processing
  • opt.restWith(...) has been addded to process http.ServerRequest and http.ServerResponse based on the rules defined with
  • opt.restHelp(...) has been added to produce HTML from markdown help message strings

The following were removed.

  • - There are separate help message trees for command line options and restful options

version 0.0.6 to 0.0.7

Declaration changes

When invoking the opt module. You need to create a new opt object.

0.0.6 and earlier

	opt = require("opt");


	opt = require("opt").create();

Changes in referencing help message.

0.0.6 and earlier

	opt.set(["-h", "--help"], opt.usage, "This is the help message");


	opt.set(["-h", "--help"], function () {
	}, "This is the help message");