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Fork of write-space by Haydn Trowell <haydnlloydtrowell> at
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This is a fork of write-space by Haydn Trowell at


Write-space is marvelously simple browser based text editor. It had a write area and a simple statics bar. That's it. No distractions of menus and features. This version of write-space does add a couple of features in what I hope is a descrete way.

  • This version work on/off-line with both Firefox and Chrome
  • The status bar is clickable which takes you to the options page supporting:
    • Import of content via the File API
    • Export to disc via the File API
    • Clear the content area and local storage used by write space

This is a fork. It is adapting the Trowell's version to a wider range of web browsers leveraging YUI3.

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