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ComponentJS Plug-ins

These are three crazy ComponentJS plug-ins designed to trace the communication happening between different components of a target application.

Tracing Plug-in

The plug-in "component.plugin.tracing.js" hooks into ComponentJS and traces all API calls in tuples of the following form:
< time, source, sourceType, origin, originType, operation, parameters >
By providing a hook the plug-in itself enables other plug-ins to process the recorded traces.

Console Plug-in

The plug-in "component.plugin.tracing-console.js" latches into the previously mentioned hook, provided by the tracing plug-in and simply prints the traces in textual form to the browser console.

Remote Plug-in

The plug-in "component.plugin.tracing-remote.js" also latches into the hook, defined by the tracing plug-in but this time sends the traces to the main analysis program using websocket technology.