Open-source software defined radar based on the USRP 1 hardware.
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GnuRadar Project 
Date: August 22, 2012
Version: 3.0.0_22-AuG-2012
Author: Ryan Seal


The GnuRadar project is a derivative work of the original USRP software
project by Ettus. This software features the following:

1. External trigger for pulsed radar recording.
2. Data tags inserted into the data stream for proper data alignment.
3. HDF5-based data recording. 
4. Parameter based configuration program for radar mode configuration.
5. CLI-based run-time software to start/stop data recording. 
6. C++ interface currently functional with the Basic RX daughterboard.
7. Networked programs for configuration,verification, and data collection.


1. gradar-configure : Configuration GUI to setup the receiver.
2. gradar-verify: Validation tool to ensure that both receiver and pulse
   generator are properly synchronized.
3. gradar-run : Data collection tool for the USRP receiver.
4. gradar-replay: Data replay tool for HDF5 files. Requires rtPlotter for


1. Latest version of the boost libraries ( ).
2. Sun Java Version 1.7
3. Waf build system.
4. HDF5 library.
5. protobuf ( i.e google protocol buffers )
   a. gnuradar v2.0 uses protobuf 3.0.0
6. zeromq ( a.k.a 0MQ or zmq )
   a. gnuradar v2.0 uses zeromq 4.1.2-3
7. yaml-cpp parser.
   a. gnuradar v2.0 uses yaml-cpp 0.5.3-1
8. local deps in github repository ( see below ).

Local Dependency installation:

1. From the root project directory:
   a. git submodule init
   b. git submodule update
   c. cd deps/jzmq
       i. ./autogen
      ii. ./configure
     iii. make; make install

Primary installation:

1. Configure build system as <user> : "waf configure build -j<num_processors+1>"
2. Install executables as <root>    : "waf install"

The following steps only need to be executed once:

3. Install user configuration file as <user> : "waf setup_user"
4. Add each user to the "usrp" group for device access permission : 
   a. groupadd usrp
   b. gpasswd -a <username> usrp

Networking Notes:

For good measure, and future-proofing, add the following lines to your
/etc/services file:

gnuradar	54320/tcp 	gradar		#gnuradar status service
gnuradar	54321/tcp 	gradar		#gnuradar control service