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The Research Software Engineer Phenotype Generator

Welcome to the RSEng Phenotype Generator!

What kind of Research Software Engineer are you?

What is an RSE?

On the we describe an inclusive definition of what it means to be a research software engineer, or RSE. It generally means you use practices from software development to advance research. But what if you also do a lot of open source development? Or research on your own? What if you serve multiple communities?

Why the RSE Phenotype Generator?

It wouldn't be right to say that an RSE must fall within a strict set of categories, or dimensions. Nor would it be correct to assume that all RSEs serve the same user communities. This is the reason that this tool exists - with the RSE Phenotype generator you are the one that gets to decide the dimensions that are relevant to you (open source and research? high performance computing and software engineering? Documentation and testing? Something else?) along with the communities that you serve, for which you could provide a score for each dimension.

How do I participate?

What are you waiting for? Generate your phenotype and tell us about it!

Thank You!

Thank you to chrispahm/chartjs-plugin-dragdata for providing the library to make dragging of the points possible.


What kind of research software engineer are you? Make an image to show the world!







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