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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ layout: post
## {{ page.title }}
-{{ | date: "%B %d, %Y" }}
+**{{ | date: "%B %d, %Y" }}**
*How do I upload a project on my computer to GitHub?*
@@ -16,14 +16,14 @@ bit troublesome at first. And while the [GitHub](
helpful, sometimes people ask for a simple walkthrough for moving some project
or website they have on their computer to a repository on GitHub.
-If you are one of these "people", then hopefully this quick article will help
+If you are one of these "people", then hopefully this short article will help
you get all up in GitHub. The process is pretty straightforward, and after you
do it once, the next time will be easy. Before we start, we'll just assume
you've setup a
[command line git client]( and that
you've already [signed up]( for a GitHub account.
-## Pushing That Project to GitHub
+### Pushing That Project to GitHub
So let's say we have a project on our computer, some next level website for
@@ -106,13 +106,13 @@ Refresh that repository page, and we should see our files now:
And that's it we're done, time for profit.
-## The End.
+### The End.
Hopefully this article was easy to follow, and getting projects from your
computer to a repository on GitHub is super clear. Also, if you happen to be new to git and GitHub and want to do more reading, check out the references
section below to have knowledge dropped on you.
-## RTFM and Other Resources
+### RTFM and Other Resources
* Git Reference. [](
A reference to the most commonly used git commands.
@@ -3,11 +3,16 @@
title: Hella Robots
-<div id="sup-blog" class="span16 first">
{% include posts.html %}
-<div id="sup-about" class="span16 first">
+<div id="sup-about">
<h2 id="about">About</h2>
- <p>Robert is a web-ish developer who is interested in building websites, web applications, probably mobile applications. He is also a fan of libraries (the kind where you can check out books), and other things unrelated to computers. Robert wants to help you learn and do stuff. He's on <a href="">GitHub</a> and other Internet-y places, thinks you are all attractive people, and is enjoying speaking in the third person. Say <a href="">hello</a>.</p>
+ <p>I'm a fan of libraries (the kind where you can check out books). I'm
+sort of a programmer. I helped start a non-profit that helps teach people how
+to work with their computers. I currently help the super attractive users of
+<a href="">GitHub</a>. I'd probably like to help you learn to
+do stuff. I'm on <a href="">GitHub</a> - say
+<a href="">hello</a>.</p>
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
title: Posts - Hella Robots
-<div id="sup-blog" class="span11 first">
{% include posts.html %}

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