Simple search engine for the USDA's Nutrient Database. Sample app for the NYC AngularJS meetup.
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Foodle - The USDA Nutrient Database Search Engine

This is a sample app for a tech talk given at the AngularJS NYC Meetup in April 2013.

The repository is tagged with with varous preso/step-N tags, which match up with the various step slides in the presentation. On that page, I've also included a pre-built server binary, so that you can just clone the repository and run the server without having to install anything.

Running the Server

The backend server is written in Go, which the only requirement for building the app.

  1. Download and install the Go runtime.
  2. Set up your GOPATH, e.g.:
  • export GOPATH=$HOME/go/
  • mkdir $GOPATH
  1. Have Go clone the repository for you:
  • go get -d
  1. Go to the work directory and build the server:
  • cd $GOPATH/src/
  • go build
  1. Run the server:
  • ./usda-ndb

The server by default runs on port 8077, but it can be changed with the -port=8077 flag to the binary.