Text to speech python library and command line tool, with optional language translation
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Utter is a text-to-speech (tts) Python library that also supports multiple language translation (requires Google Translate API key).

You can try the Heroku web app here (sorry, Chrome only):


Note: I've capped the language translation at 2M characters per day. Once that's reached, it won't work any more that day.


Basic usage, command line

$ utter <file.txt> | "some text" [-s <source lang>] [-t <target lang>]

or Python API

>>> import utter
>>> utter.play("this is a test", target="de")

Language specification must be in the form of a two letter code, e.g. for English use the code "en", for Spannish use the code "es", etc. It also requires first specifying a Google API key value, either in the source or in the environment.

$ export GOOGLE_API_KEY="<your api key>"


Using easy install

$ easy_install utter

Or from source

$ git clone https://github.com/rsgalloway/utter.git
$ cd utter
$ python setup.py install

Web App

Utter comes with a basic flask web app that uses the chrome webkit speech input to record a user's voice, which is converted to text before being passed to utter to translate and play back in a selected language.

Running the app using Flask

$ git checkout web
$ python main.py

will run the app at http://localhost:5000.

To deploy on heroku

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku web:master