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// Purpose: To confirm fundamental AVR-gcc data type elements and integer storage sizes
// Reference:
// Author: C. D'Arcy
// Date: 2018 06 19
// Status: Working
#include <limits.h>
char buff[50];
void setup() {
// Open the serial port at 9600 bps:
while (!Serial);
Serial.println("AVR-libc's (implementation of Standard C Fixed Point Data Types (memory size in bytes):");
Serial.println(sizeof(char) + String(" :char"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed char) + String(" :signed char"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned char) + String(" :unsigned char"));
Serial.println(sizeof(short) + String(" :short"));
Serial.println(sizeof(short int) + String(" :short int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed short) + String(" :signed short"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed short int) + String(" :signed short int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned short) + String(" :unsigned short"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned short int) + String(" :unsigned short int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(int) + String(" :int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed) + String(" :signed"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed int) + String(" :signed int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned) + String(" :unsigned"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned int) + String(" :unsigned int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(long) + String(" :long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(long int) + String(" :long int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed long) + String(" :signed long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed long int) + String(" :signed long int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned long) + String(" :unsigned long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned long int) + String(" :unsigned long int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(long long) + String(" :long long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(long long int) + String(" :long long int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed long long) + String(" :signed long long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(signed long long int) + String(" :signed long long int"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned long long) + String(" :unsigned long long"));
Serial.println(sizeof(unsigned long long int) + String(" :unsigned long long int"));
// Floating point...
Serial.println("Standard C Floating Point Data Types (memory size in bytes):");
Serial.println(sizeof(float) + String(" :float"));
Serial.println(sizeof(double) + String(" :double"));
Serial.println(sizeof(long double) + String(" :long double"));
// limits...
sprintf(buff, "Signed char:\t[%hi,%hi]", SCHAR_MIN, SCHAR_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Unsigned char:\t[0,%hu]",UCHAR_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Signed short:\t(%d,%d)", SHRT_MIN, SHRT_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Unsigned short:\t[0,%u]", USHRT_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Signed int:\t[%i,%i]", INT_MIN, INT_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Unsigned int:\t[0,%u]", UINT_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Signed long:\t[%li,%li]", LONG_MIN, LONG_MAX);
sprintf(buff, "Unsigned long:\t[0,%lu]", ULONG_LONG_MAX);
void loop() {}