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// PROJECT :Serial Input/Output
// PURPOSE :First look at writing and reading ASCII characters to the Serial Monitor
// AUTHOR :C. D'Arcy
// DATE :2018 06 05
// uC :328
// STATUS :Working
uint8_t ch = 150;
void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); // initialize the serial stream to 9600 baud (bits/s)
void loop() {
// while (!Serial.available()); //wait for a character to be entered
// ch =; //ok, grab it...
Serial.println((char)ch); //cast (force) the data to appear as an ASCII Character
Serial.println(ch); //unmodified, it appears in decimal form
Serial.println(ch, DEC); //explicitly request presentation as a base 10 number
Serial.println(ch, BIN); //explicitly request presentation as a base 2 number
Serial.println(ch, OCT); //explicitly request presentation as a base 8 number
Serial.println(ch, HEX); //explicitly request presentation as a base 16 number
while (true); //wait here...