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// PROJECT :MatrixMadeEZ
// PURPOSE :Demo program of the MatrixMadeEZ Device (original design by H. Reed)
// RESULT :First four rows of the main diagonal should light up as bright as possible
// AUTHOR :C. D'Arcy
// DATE :2019 12 03
// uC :328P
// STATUS :Working
#define DMLEVEL 0 //since /G on TPIC: bright:0, dim:250ish
#define LIMIT 0x08 //adjust for length of diagonal
uint8_t dimmer = 3; //PWM (or external voltage divider, eg pot, LDR)
uint8_t data = 11; //avoid pins 9 and 10 for later use
uint8_t latch = 12; //of the TimerOne library to control
uint8_t clk = 13; //frame speed
uint8_t rowData = 0x01; //let's light the main diagonal
uint8_t colData = rowData; //equate the row and column coordinates
void setup() {
pinMode(dimmer, OUTPUT); //
pinMode(data, OUTPUT); //
pinMode(clk, OUTPUT); //
pinMode(latch, OUTPUT); //
analogWrite(dimmer, DMLEVEL); //brightness control on the /G pin of the TPIC
void loop() {
shiftOut(data, clk, LSBFIRST, colData); //note the shift order
shiftOut(data, clk, LSBFIRST, rowData); //and the column data first
digitalWrite(latch, LOW); //create a rising edge on latch pin
digitalWrite(latch, HIGH); //
//control the length of the diagonal...
rowData = rowData == LIMIT ? rowData = 0x01 : rowData << 1;
colData = rowData;
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