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// Project :RGBStructs
// Purpose :Introducing Struct data type to ACES
// Author :C. D'Arcy
// Date :2018 06 24
// Status :Working
// Reference:
/* Alternative definition syntax
typedef struct {
uint8_t redPin;
uint8_t gndPin;
uint8_t greenPin;
uint8_t bluePin;
} RGB1;*/
struct RGB { //definition of a composite data structure
uint8_t redPin; //the pin number of the red LED lead
uint8_t gndPin; //the common cathode pin
uint8_t greenPin; //green
uint8_t bluePin; //blue
RGB led = {3, 4, 5, 6};//create a single instance of an RGB struct
void setup() {
pinMode(led.redPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led.gndPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led.greenPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led.bluePin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(led.gndPin, LOW);
void loop() {
analogWrite(led.redPin, random(256)); //start with an initial presentation
analogWrite(led.greenPin, random(256));
analogWrite(led.bluePin, random(256));
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