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Looking for factors indicating fraud using insurance claims data.
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You have been hired by Alpha Insurance to develop predictive models to determine which automobile claims are fraudulent. You have been given data on approximately 5000 auto claims which includes a variable indicating whether the company believes the claim is fraudulent or not.


  • Robert Shea

Bryant University ~ Fall 2018


These variables appear to be the best for detecting fraudulent claims:

  • Claim Amount - Uncommonly high claim amounts are more likely to be fraudulent.
  • Claim Cause - The more severe claim causes (fire and collision) will be less likely to be fraudulent.
  • Claim Report Type - Fraud claims will be reported with as little human interaction as possible.
  • Employment Status - Claimants who are not currently employed are more likely to report fraudulent claims.
  • Income - The higher the level of education, the less likely reports are to be fraudulent. (This may also be linked with income)


Data Exploration

  • Univariate exploration
  • Bivariate exploration


  • Impute missing values
  • Handle outliers
  • Transform variables with functions
  • Transform variables with binning
  • Encoding
  • Balancing Sample


  • Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Neural Network
  • Other
  • Model Selection


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