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All the (redistributable) AutoHotkey libraries I can find...

Licenses are scattered around in there somewhere.

At the moment, this repo contains well over 200 libraries, classes, and wrappers for AHK 1.1 (previously AHK_L), AHK 1.0 (previously basic/vanilla), and AHK v2, implemented in over 3000 scripts.


I'm archiving this repo, and won't be updating it again. For a more modern collection of AutoHotkey resources, I suggest visiting the Awesome AutoHotkey list.

AutoHotkey Library Distribution

Want more libs? Several projects have similar goals to this one:


Please note that, because this repo makes heavy use of git 'submodules', downloading a zip or tarball is not useful. Instead, if you wish to have access to all the libs included in this repo, please run:

git clone --recursive


So far, the included libs are (in no particular order):

  • The 'ahkstdlib' collection, in its entirety (see
  • Several of Uberi's libs, including: AHK-DB (sqlite3 database functions), AssociativeArrays, AveragingFunctions, BarGrapher, DeltaCompression, ExprEval(), Geolocation, ListCompare, ParallelPort, QuotedStringReplace, RangeOverlap, Raydium-AHK (game engine wrapper), SingleCharArray, Speech (tts lib), TriangleCollisionDetection, Parallelist, Canvas-AHK, Fraction.ahk
  • Rseding91's "Fast ini library", basic and advanced versions
  • Several of infogulch's libs, including: WinHttpRequest, Map, AsyncHttp, Zip, LSON, ahk2-bigint, CaseSensitiveObject, ahk-OpenGL
  • nimdahk's AHKLink lib
  • ChrisS85's CGUI and WorkerThread libs
  • camerb's AHK libs
  • polyethene's AutoHotkey-Scripts
  • Several of maul-esel's libs, including: COM-Classes, FormsFramework, ITaskbarList, AeroThumbnail, ImportTypeLib, AHK-Util-Funcs (GUID, Mem, Obj, etc), ALD.ahk
  • hoppfrosch's cTable and cGist classes
  • HotKeyIt's _Struct libs for AHK v2 and _H
  • RaptorX's scintilla-wrapper and cURL-Wrapper libs
  • IsNull's ahkDBA
  • aviaryan's "autohotkey-scripts", which includes several AHK libraries and scripts.
  • lordkrandel's ahk_library
  • TLMcode's FF_COM
  • MasterFocus's "AutoHotkey" repo, which includes several AHK libraries and functions.
  • tinku99's ahkzmq wrapper and stdlib.
  • joedf's LibCon.ahk
  • Jim-VxE's JSON_ToObj, ADOSQL, and Table libraries.
  • JnLlnd's ObjCSV library
  • fincs' AutoHotkey Foundation Classes (AFC), and ahk-eval library
  • Lexikos' DBGp library
  • AHK-just-me's HD_EX, TC_EX, IL_EX, LV_EX, Class_LV_Colors, Class_LV_InCellEdit, Class_SQLiteDB, Class_ImageButton, and Class_RichEdit.
  • cocobelgica's AutoHotkey-ElementTree, AutoHotkey-PS-Control, AutoHotkey-Menu, AutoHotkey-IPC, AutoHotkey-XConfig, AutoHotkey-JSON, AutoHotkey-XML, and AutoHotkey-Expose.
  • AfterLemon and tidbit's Class_Console.
  • jNizM's AHK_DllCall_WinAPI and AutoHotkey_Scripts (jNizM_AutoHotkey_Scripts).
  • Shambles-Dev’s HashTable and Facade.



See #6 for a note on FTP PASV mode issues.

Note to developers of these libs

If your code is in this repo, and you do not want it to be, I apologize. Please just let me know, and I will remove it.