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All the (redistributable) AHK libs I can find...

Licenses are scattered around in there somewhere.

At the moment, this repo contains well over 200 libraries, classes, and wrappers for AHK basic (vanilla), AHK_L, and AHK v2, implemented in over 2100 ahk scripts.


Please note that, because this repo makes heavy use of git 'submodules', downloading a zip or tarball is not useful. Instead, please run

git clone git://
git submodule update --init --recursive

if you wish to have access to all the libs included in this repo.


So far, the included libs are (in no particular order):

  • The 'ahkstdlib' collection, in its entirety (see
  • Several of @Uberi's libs, including: AHK-DB (sqlite3 database functions), AssociativeArrays, AveragingFunctions, BarGrapher, DeltaCompression, ExprEval(), Geolocation, ListCompare, ParallelPort, QuotedStringReplace, RangeOverlap, Raydium-AHK (game engine wrapper), SingleCharArray, Speech (tts lib), TriangleCollisionDetection
  • Rseding91's "Fast ini library", basic and advanced versions
  • Several of @infogulch's libs, including: WinHttpRequest, Map, AsyncHttp, Zip, LSON, ahk2-bigint, CaseSensitiveObject, ahk-OpenGL
  • @nimdahk's AHKLink lib (
  • @ChrisS85's CGUI and WorkerThread libs (
  • @camerb's AHK libs (
  • @polyethene's AutoHotkey-Scripts (
  • Several of @maul-esel's libs (, including: COM-Classes, FormsFramework, ITaskbarList, AeroThumbnail, ImportTypeLib, AHK-Util-Funcs (GUID, Mem, Obj, etc)
  • @hoppfrosch's cTable class
  • @HotKeyIt's _Struct libs for AHK v2 and _H
  • @RaptorX's scintilla-wrapper and cURL-Wrapper libs

The "Sources" file contains a list of the git repos from which submodules were created, and are included here.

Note to developers of these libs

If your code is in this repo, and you do not want it to be, I apologize. Please just let me know, and I will remove it.

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