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Collect and filter location information from social network services.

There is an optional web UI for GeoDigger here, with some filtering features.

Read documentation.


GeoDigger has only been tested on Linux. It may or may not work on Windows or Mac OSX systems.

  • Python 2.7
  • MongoDB Server >= 2.4.6

Python Modules

  • Tweepy >= 2.1
  • PyCrypto >= 2.6.1
  • PyMongo >= 2.6.3


To install the GeoDigger script and libraries, use:

python install


  1. Make sure you have a MongoDB server installed and running. Running GeoDigger on the same machine as the database server is easiest, and is recommended.

  2. Obtain all the developer access secrets for the social networks you want to use. (Currently, only Twitter is supported.)

  3. Create a configuration file. See examples/conf/geodigger.conf for an example.

  4. Run the GeoDigger script, passing in the paths to your configuration and log files. GeoDigger will try to create the log file if it does not already exist.

    geodigger --conf MY_CONFIG_FILE --log MY_LOG_FILE

usage: geodigger [-h] [--log LOGFILE] [--config CONFIGFILE] [--source SOURCE]
                 [--list [LIST]]

Collect and filter location information from social network services.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --log LOGFILE        file to store logs, default=geodigger.log
  --config CONFIGFILE  geodigger configuration file, default=geodigger.conf
  --source SOURCE      the social network from which to collect data
  --list [LIST]        list available sources

report bugs to:


To submit bug reports, use GeoDigger's GitHub issues page.


If you want to add functionality, such as support for a new social network, see the extending section of the GeoDigger documentation. Pull requests are welcome.