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Communicate with Network UPS Tools servers from Python.


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This is an API overhaul of PyNUT, a Python library to allow communication with NUT (Network UPS Tools) servers.

Note: This is an unofficial project, and is in no way supported or endorsed by the Network UPS Tools developers.


The module itself requires only Python (2.7 or 3.5+). If you wish to run the tests, do pip install -r requirements-testing.txt.



from nut2 import PyNUTClient
client = PyNUTClient()

Please note that this module has completely and intentionally broken backwards compatibility with PyNUT 1.X.

See inline documentation for more usage information.


Just use pip:

pip install nut2


The following information is copied from the original PyNUT README:

This directory contains various NUT Client related Python scripts, written by David Goncalves, and released under GPL v3.

  • "module": this directory contains, which is a Python abstraction class to access NUT server(s). You can use it in Python programs to access NUT's upsd data server in a simple way, without having to know the NUT protocol.

To import it on Python programs you have to use the following (case sensitive) : 'import PyNUT'

This module provides a 'PyNUTClient' class that can be used to connect and get data from an upsd data server.

To install the PyNUT module on Debian/Ubuntu, copy it to: /usr/share/python-support/python-pynut/

This directory also contains, which is a PyNUT test program. For this to be fully functional, you will need to adapt the login, password and upsname to fit your configuration.