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scons script for Arduino
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Arscons : scons script for Arduino

build & upload Arduino sketch on the command line with scons!

  • No java needed!
  • Use Arduino IDE's conf. so, all board which supported by Arduino supported by arscons.
  • Works on Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Need pyserial to triggering reset just before upload.

Basic Usage:

  • make a folder which have same name of the sketch (ex. Blink/ for Blink.pde)

  • put the sketch and the SConstruct under the folder.

  • to make the HEX do following in the folder:

    $ scons

  • to upload the binary, do following in the folder:

    $ scons upload

  • refer Expert Usage for change the confs.

  • refer Arscons Users for arscons in practice (and hacks!)

Thanks to:

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