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Demo Rails application using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript and Jasmine

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This is sample Rails application that demonstrates usage of

This demo was used during RailsWayCon 2011 conference presentation Rails-like JavaScript using CoffeeScript, Backbone.js and Jasmine.

Source code is based on original Todos application by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet.

Running application

Install gems, run migrations and start application with

bundle install
rake db:migrate
rails server

And then visit http://localhost:3000.

Running tests

Run rake jasmine and then visit http://localhost:8888 to execute Jasmine tests and see results.

Application source code

Backbone.js models and views written in CoffeeScript are located in app/coffeescripts directory and Jasmine tests are located in spec/coffeescripts directory.

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