Ruby on Rails stack installation with Sprinkle (including Oracle client).
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Rails stack installation

Scripts for Sprinkle, the provisioning tool. Based on Passenger stack and Yummy sprinkles scripts.

How to get your sprinkle on:

  • Get one of the following 64-bit Linux servers (physical or virtual)
    • Ubuntu (tested with 10.4)
    • RedHat or CentOS (tested with 5.4) with disabled SELinux
  • Install/enable ssh server on remote server
  • Create yourself a user, add yourself to the /etc/sudoers file
  • On Ubuntu set proxy server for apt-get if necessary (in /etc/apt/apt.conf)
  • Set your server dns name / ip address in deploy.rb (config/deploy.rb.example provided)
  • Set username in config/deploy.rb if it isn't the same as your local machine (config/deploy.rb.example provided)
  • Create config/install.rb and specify packages that you want to install (config/install.rb.example provided)
  • Create config/stack/oracle/tnsnames.ora if oracle_client package will be installed (config/stack/oracle/tnsnames.ora.example provided)

From your local system (from the rails-stack directory), run:

sprinkle -c -s config/install.rb

If you have created configuration for several sites then run installation for specific site with:

sprinkle -c -s config/install.rb SITE=site_name

After you've waited for everything to run, you should have a provisioned server. Use Capistrano to do further application specific deployment.

Other things you should probably consider:

  • Close everything except for port 80 and 22
  • Disallow password logins and use a passphrased RSA key

Wait, what does all this install?

  • Apache (Apt)
  • Ruby Enterprise (Source) [includes rubygems]
  • Passenger (Rubygem)
  • Oracle Instant Client
  • Subversion (Apt) and Git (Apt)

Prerequisites on local machine (from which Sprinkle installer will be run)

  • Ruby
  • capistrano gem
  • sprinkle gem
  • erubis gem