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# it's recommended to set time zone to ensure that Oracle session time zone
# will be the same as Ruby Time.local time zone
ENV['TZ'] = 'Europe/Riga'
ActiveSupport.on_load(:active_record) do
ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::OracleEnhancedAdapter.class_eval do
# some sample settings that I use in my projects
self.emulate_integers_by_column_name = true
self.emulate_dates_by_column_name = true
self.emulate_booleans_from_strings = true
# set string to date format if using e.g. calendar helpers
# self.string_to_date_format = "%d.%m.%Y"
# self.string_to_time_format = "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S"
# to ensure that sequences will start from 1 and without gaps
self.default_sequence_start_value = "1 NOCACHE INCREMENT BY 1"
# Cache column descriptions between requests.
# Highly recommended as currently Arel is doing a lot of additional queries
# to get table columns and primary key.
# If this is used then you need to restart server in development environment
# after running migrations which change table columns.
# By default caching is enabled just in test and production environments.
if ['development', 'test', 'production'].include? Rails.env
self.cache_columns = true
# PL/SQL connection
plsql.activerecord_class = ActiveRecord::Base