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RPN Calculator application and TDD demo
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RPN Calculator application and TDD demo

Demo of building Reverse Polish Notation calculator in JavaScript using test-driven development (TDD) approach.

Components used in demo:

Idea for TDD demo using calculator application taken from RpnCalculator in Java screencasts. User interface is made to simulate Mac OS X calculator RPN mode.


Visit calculator demo page to see final result of calculator application.

Visit tests page to see execution result of all tests.

Following steps of building application

Clone repository locally with

git clone
cd rpn_calculator

Now you can review each step of building application (main steps are tagged with corresponding tag in git repository).

git checkout t0_initial

Initial empty application in calculator.js and empty tests in calculator_spec.js. You can run tests after each step by opening tests.html.

git checkout t1_set_accumulator

Initial simple implementation of setting accumulator.

git checkout t2_set_multiple_values

Changed accumulator getter/setter API and implemented entering and dropping of values in stack.


Reorganized multiple stack values test.

git checkout t4_extracted_stack

Refactored stack implementation and extracted in separate Stack object.

git checkout t5_two_operand_operations

Implemented basic two operand operations.

git checkout t6_memory_server

Sample external memory service that will be accessed from calculator application using JSONP interface. You can run memory server with node memory_server.js (you need node.js installed).

git checkout t7a_testing_server_api

Initial exploring of memory service API using tests.

git checkout t7b_server_memory_async_testing

Implemented ServerMemory objects and testing it in asynchronous way.

git checkout t7c_server_memory_ajax_mocking

Mocking of Ajax calls in tests to speed up testing and remove dependency of actual memory service when running tests.

git checkout t8_ui_design

User interface implementation in HTML/CSS.

git checkout t9_change_events

Added stack and memory change events to calculator using Backbone.js events system.

git checkout t10_calculator_view

Implemented Calculator view using Backbone.js to bind user interface to calculator logic.

Additional tools

It is recommended to use Firefox with XRefresh plugin and open tests.html file which will run tests every time when implementation or tests are changed (need to run also XRefresh server in project directory which will monitor changed files).

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