An RDF dataset used by, represented as Turtle documents for collaborative editing.
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Linked Data MARC Codes data

This project contains the source data for

The files are RDF/Turtle fragments that represent the graph found at the analogous URI (e.g. codes/gacs/a-af.ttl is the data for  All files in a directory share the same PREFIX.ttl, which would need to be concatenated with the graph file to make a valid turtle document.

The data is being shared in github so that others can contribute links/data/etc.  It is an experiment to see how well a service like github can work for collaboratively managing datasets.

To edit a resource, clone the repository, make your changes, check to make sure your change results in valid RDF (and says what you think you're saying) using a tool like rapper (

For example:
  $ cat ./gacs/PREFIX.ttl ./gacs/a-af.ttl | rapper -q -i turtle -o ntriples - ./

should produce something that looks like:

<> <> <> .
<> <> "Afghanistan"@en .
<> <> <> .
<> <> <> .
<> <> <info:lc/vocabulary/gacs/a-af> .
<> <> <> .
<> <> <> .
<> <> "a-af" .

If you are satisfied with your edits, send me a pull request ( and, assuming the assertions are legit, I'll add them to the site.