A set of convenience methods (a la Ruby Facets) on top of ruby-marc to more easily parse the actual data inside the MARC record.
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Enhanced MARC is a set of classes, modules and methods that sit on top of ruby-marc (http://rubyforge.org/projects/marc) to help parse the contents of MARC records more easily and conveniently.
  gem sources -a http://gemcutter.org
  sudo gem install enhanced_marc

  require 'enhanced_marc'
  reader = MARC::Reader.new('marc.dat')
  records = []
  reader.each do | record |
    records << record
  >> records[0].class
  => MARC::BookRecord
  >> records[0].is_conference?
  => false
  >> records[0].is_manuscript?
  => false
  # Send a boolean true if you want human readable forms, rather than MARC codes.
  >> records[0].literary_form(true)
  => "Non-fiction"
  >> records[0].nature_of_contents(true)
  => ["Bibliography", "Catalog"]
  >> records[1].class
  => MARC::SoundRecord
  >> records[1].composition_form(true)
  => "Jazz"
  >> records[2].class
  => MARC::MapRecord
  >> records[2].projection(true)
  => ["Cylindrical", "Mercator"]
  >> records[2].relief(true)
  => ["Color"]