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Wordpress to Jekyll exporter

Exports Wordpress RSS Feed to Jekyll posts.

If you can install plugins to your Wordpress installation then jekyll-exporter-plugin may help.

Build Status (Travis CI) Coverage

1. Features

  1. Just need a wordpress feed.xml containing all posts

  2. Exports to markdown

  3. Exports images

2. Usage

  1. First export all post to a xml file (which must be RSS 2 compatible), see: or use a dedicated plugin;

  2. Download;

  3. Extract blog-export.jar

  4. Execute:

    java -jar blog-exporter.jar
        -p /path/to/feed.xml
        -layout inner   (1)
        -outputDir /opt
    1. Post layout name used in post front matter

    Requires Java 8.

If you get the following error:

 Caused by: Invalid XML: Error on line 1: Content is not allowed in prolog.

You’ll need to edit exported xml and remove any content before <rss version="2.0"

3. Running

3.1. Using an IDE

If your are using an IDE just right click on and run as java application.


Don’t forget to pass command line arguments as in image below:


3.2. Command line

To use command line you will need to generate the fat jar:

mvn clean package -Pfat-jar

blog-exporter.jar will be available in target folder.

Then just export as in image below:

command line