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Lower Storage Gas Costs for Shorter Keys

Title Lower Storage Gas Costs for Shorter Keys
Created 2019
Author SDL
Layer Sca, Usa
Complexity 2
Status Draft


The RSKIP108 specifies a new method to compress storage cell keys for the Unitrie. A new gas cost scheme is required to incentivize users to use shorter keys, and therefore reduce full node requirements.


The new gas cost for creating a new storage cell is changed from 20k to:

​ newCellCost = 5000 + size_cost ​ size_cost = 230*(keyBytes+dataBytes)

This is the SET cost (zero to non-zero). As 0x00 is trimmed to 0x00, the minimum value for keyBytes is 1, and the minimum value for dataBytes is 1.

The maximum SET cost is: 19720

The minimum SET cost is: 5460

When a cell value is changed, the cost of the keyBytes stay constant, but the cost of dataBytes can change. Therefore both the REFUND value and the RESET (non-zero to non-zero) cost must be modified.

Any change attempt that does not modify the value has a cost of 200 (similar to SLOAD). For instance zero to zero, or A to A. Will call this new cost the UNCHANGE cost.

The REFUND value is computed as SET cost minus 5000. (Maximum 14720, minimum 460).

The CLEAR cost (from non-zero to zero) is still computed as 5000.

The RESET cost now only accounts for value changes from a non-zero value to a different non-zero value. This has a base cost of 5000 plus the difference between new cell costs and old cell cost (maximum 12130, minimum 5000).


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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