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Eloipool with RSK Merged Mining Capabilities
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Eloipool with RSK Merged Mining Capabilities

This repository is based on Eloipool original repository and has all the neccessary changes to allow the pool to do merged mining with RSK. Said changes can be found in the master branch, which is periodically updated with changes from Eloipool original.

If you need more information about Eloipool original, please refer to its README

If you are planning to use this code, please check that is up to date with the version of Eloipool original that you are using.

Merged Mining settings

The following settings must be configured on to do merged mining with RSK.

RootstockSources = (
		'name': 'primary',
		'uri': 'http://user:pass@rootstock:4444',
		'priority': 0,
		'weight': 1,

uri is the address and port where the RskJ node is listening

RootstockPollPeriod = 2 indicates the frequency in seconds to poll RskJ node for work.

RootstockNotifyPolicy = 2 indicates when to trigger updates to miners.

  • 0 is only when a new bitcoin work is received
  • 1 is when an rsk work is received
  • 2 is the same as 1 but sending clean_jobs parameter from stratum protocol in true

Development mode

The pool has settings that allow it to override the values of difficulty sent to the miners or used to compare for a BTC or RSK solution. Those settings should not be used in production. In order to enable them, set DEV_MODE_ON to True and the desired values for the remaining settings.

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