Adding your wallets or accounts to the node

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:exclamation: It's only recommended for testing purposes

Maybe you have wallets and you want to start your node and work with your own accounts. You can add accounts to the node changing the wallet section in the config file in this way:

 wallet { 
    enabled = true,
    accounts = [
            "publicKey" : "YOUR_WALLET_PUBLIC_KEY",
            "privateKey" : "YOUR_WALLET_PRIVATE_KEY"

Another option is to create a new account (or wallet) on the node. You can do this by connecting the RSK Console to the node and using the command:


Where password is a secret word that you choose. It will create and add a new account to your node's accounts.

Note: you need to enable the rpc personal module into modules section in the config file to use this command, by adding:

        name: "personal",
        version: "1.0",
        enabled: "true"

Another option using rpc personal module and RSK Console is to import your account with this method:


replacing privateKey with your account's private key.

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