Configure Remix to connect with RSK

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Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions.

To try it out, visit


For this module, it is supposed that you have an RSK node running. If not, you can read this section to install one.

Configure Remix to use it with RSK node:

  1. Open Remix
  2. In the Run tab(right menu), select Environment -> Web 3 provider.
  3. In the first pop up select OK.
  4. In the second pop up insert your Web3 provider endpoint. For example: if you have a local RSK node listening to RPC methods in port 4444, you should write: http://localhost:4444. Then, select OK.

remix provider

  1. You'll see your node's accounts and the chainId (in this case 33, an RSK RegTest node).

remix connected

Now your remix is ready to use!

Important: If Remix is not connecting to your node:

  • Check CORS configuration. It can be full enabled using '*'.
  • Check RPC endpoints required. personal module is required!

More about RPC and CORS here.

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