RSK Smart monitor app

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The monitor app allows you to get information about the current RSK Smart network (you can configure the tool to connect to a local network, the Tetsnet, the production network or any other), it's a node js application, in oder to run you first need to install node.js in your system.

Then go to the directory utilities/explorer/ and run

npm install
npm start 

This will run the monitor app that will allow you to be able to get different information like blocks, transaction, accounts, etc.

Check the browser http://localhost:3000/


Checking accounts

The monitor app shows a lot of useful information.

For example you can see the accounts visible from the current node by clicking on Accounts tab.


You can click in any link to see the account details, like balance or address.


You can also perform operations like transfer Bitcoins between accounts from here, or see transactions.

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