RSK with MyCrypto

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MyCrypto is a multi-network wallet that provides many features to manage your accounts. This article explains different features available for RSK.

Some features are only available in the desktop app. Download it here.

Using MyCrypto

In first place, we must select RSK network. Choose RSK in the network selector at top menu, in the Other Networks section. Consider MainNet and TestNet availability.

RSK checksum address encoding is automatically integrated with MyCrypto. It's advisable to use checksummed addresses.

Create new RSK account

Go here to read about how to get an RSK wallet using MyCrypto.

Interact with tokens

  1. Go to Send & Receive > Send Ether & Tokens
  2. Unlock your account using your favourite method.
  3. Check your token is listed in token balances. You can Scan for tokens or Add custom token manually.
  4. Send tokens using the same input used to send transaction. Beside amount field select token to send.
  5. Send your tokens!

Interact with Smart Contracts

  1. Go to Tools > Interact with Contracts.
  2. Enter contract address and provide an ABI, or select one of the existing contracts.
  3. Interact!

Interact with RSK bridge contract

You can get the federation address using the existing contract called Bridge.

  1. Go to Tools > Interact with Contracts.
  2. Select the preloaded Bridge contract.
  3. Access to it and read getFederationAddress method.
  4. It returns the Federation Address.

Other available features

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