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Whitelisting in RSK

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What is a whitelist?

The RSK whitelist is a list of addresses registered by people, projects or entities that are considered to be acceptable or trustworthy to use the 2-way peg mechanism.

For both MainNet and TestNet, you need to be whitlisted to operate with the federation.

Why is it necessary (for the moment)?

We always put security first at RSK.

We found the whitelist process to be a responsible and professional mechanism to gradually open our platform. It’ll be only necessary for a few months until the first stage of the Bounty Program is finished. We’ll then remove this process and the platform will be wide open.

For TestNet, we keep this process to emulate exactly what should it be done in MainNet.

How to be whitelisted?

The process is a bit different -in terms of formality- between MainNet and TestNet.


You must complete this Google Form and we will contact you.


You can contact us in any of our Gitter channels and ask us for the whitelisting. Keep in mind that whitelisting in TestNet is just for testing purpose. If you only intend to test your smart contracts, you can get funds for your RSK TestNet address directly from the faucet.

What's next?

Once you are approved, you can proceed to convert your BTC to RBTC by following this guide.

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