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Install RskJ Using Ubuntu Package

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Following the instructions below you will install and run the RSK node. By default, the node connects to MainNet. If you want to change the network read this section. If you want to change some configuration, please refer to our RSK node configuration section.


You can install RskJ on Ubuntu using our PPAs for Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rsksmart/rskj
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install rskj

The installed repo public key Fingerprint is 5EED 9995 C84A 49BC 02D4 F507 DF10 691F 518C 7BEA.

Also, the public key could be found in Ubuntu Key Server.

Direct download

The RskJ Ubuntu Package for Orchid 0.6.1 can also be downloaded.

If so, you should first install openjdk-8-jre or oracle-java8-installer.

Once Java is installed, move to the directory where you have the .deb file and run:

$ dpkg -i rskj_0.6.1~yourUbuntuVersionName_amd64.deb

The packages SHA256 are:

b69db63bd3d4945467d83ca7e6bb5a1809c3d83b39c5963f20047100994ab0d7  rskj_0.6.1_bionic_amd64.deb
f83172da5f0b413f5f3fca8bf0646e81252d5ed000f382ae76fa24b914135f69  rskj_0.6.1_bionic_i386.deb
60377a414a02c1e6d6abf948832c5f7cb82246548ce4070602129bf288f2de46  rskj_0.6.1_trusty_amd64.deb
1b32363c48ebf1d91949b6070200a34094259baf2e74556952d2afc09532450b  rskj_0.6.1_trusty_i386.deb
4c7cac3db3e2d7b2d63bbd2cf649f9046aaf6d31a3b333e431d8a9e44bbbf2f1  rskj_0.6.1_xenial_amd64.deb
b95b263706f97b6513c46db8dcb6f1ccc573dc016ccfe0b196b41b148bce31f7  rskj_0.6.1_xenial_i386.deb

The installer will configure your node in the following paths:

  • /etc/rsk: the directory where the config files will be placed.

  • /usr/share/rsk: the directory where the RskJ JAR will be placed.

  • /var/lib/rsk/database: the directory where the database will be stored.

  • /var/log/rsk: the directory where the logs will be stored.

To start the node:

$ sudo service rsk start

To stop the node:

 $ sudo service rsk stop

To restart the node:

 $ sudo service rsk restart

Any problems?

We hope our Troubleshooting section can help you!

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