Certain characters, such as the cent symbol (¢) create slashes after conversion to ascii (c/) and aren't caught by the current slash scrubbing #58

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Added an additional pass to the to_url function to strip slashes after the to_ascii method has run but before whitespace is collapsed. Also added a special case to convert things like 50¢ to "50 cents"/"50-cents".

narwen commented Jun 19, 2012

We've been using the gem in certain projects and we had to fix this problem locally. Would love to have it merged.
Thank you,


rsl commented Jul 12, 2012

looks great. mind writing a test just for coverage?


rsl commented Jan 23, 2013

this can't be merged in due to refactors. and has no tests. would love to merge it in though. care to refactor?

rsl closed this Feb 1, 2013

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