Assets 3
  • Fixed a bug where an updated policy would not reflect its changes when reloaded into the plugin.
  • Changed default inspection level

@rslavin rslavin released this May 3, 2017

Assets 3

This release solves many issues and improves overall stability. Please note that the overall size of the compiled plugin is large due to the Stanford NLP model libraries required to parse privacy policies.

As usual, the most recent mapping and ontology files can be found at


  • Faster code inspection
  • HTML file parsing
  • Improved detection of collected data types in policy
  • Major refactoring to codebase

@rslavin rslavin released this Apr 25, 2017

Assets 3

This version of PoliDroid-AS is able to detect weak and strong violations based on the ontology and mapping files found at The plugin size is large due to Stanford parser models required for natural language processing of privacy policies