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  • Added support for launching SimpleJobS on persistent clusters via Cluster.
  • Refactored SimpleJob implementation and broke backwards compatibility with all SimpleJobS (Hive, Pig, Custom). Have a look at the README.
  • Dependency updates: ruby-1.9.3-p194, rspec-2.10.


  • Added support for Hadoop bootstrap actions to all job types (Pig, Hive and Custom Jar).
  • Added support for REE 1.8.7-2011.12, Ruby 1.9.2 and 1.9.3.
  • Updated to the latest versions of all development dependencies (notably VCR 2).


  • Added Elasticity::EMR#describe_jobflow("jobflow_id") for describing a specific job. If you happen to run hundreds of EMR jobs, this makes retrieving jobflow status much faster than using Elasticity::EMR#describe_jobflowS which pulls down and parses XML status for hundreds of jobs.


  • Added Elasticity::CustomJarJob for launching "Custom Jar" jobs.


  • Explicitly requiring 'time' (only a problem if you aren't running from within a Rails environment).
  • Elasticity::JobFlow now exposes last_state_change_reason.

1.3 (Contributions from Wouter Broekhof)

  • The default mode of communication is now via HTTPS.
  • Elasticity::AwsRequest new option :secure => true|false (whether to use HTTPS).
  • Elasticity::AwsRequest new option :region => eu-west-1|... (which region to run the EMR job).
  • Elasticity::EMR#describe_jobflows now accepts additional params for filtering the jobflow query (see docs).


  • HiveJob and PigJob now support configuring Hadoop options via .add_hadoop_bootstrap_action().


  • Shipping up E_PARALLELS Pig variable with each invocation; reasonable default value for PARALLEL based on the number and type of instances configured.


  • Added PigJob!


  • HiveJob critical bug fixed, now it works :)
  • Added log_uri and action_on_failure as options to HiveJob.
  • Added integration tests to HiveJob.


  • Added HiveJob, a simplified way to launch basic Hive job flows.
  • Added HISTORY.


  • Added LICENSE.


  • Released!
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