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  Convenience query functions for Manatee.

  Make a query and return a raw dict containing all information
  and the Manatee regions.
  query                           CQL query string (no restrictions)
  corpus = DEFAULT_CORPUS         corpus name (lowercase)
  container = 's'                 the structure to be exported
  max_hits = -1                   limit query to this number of hits; <0 is off
  random_subset = -1              use only random subset of hits; proportion in [0..1]; <0 is off
  deduping = False                use slow and memory-inefficient perfect duplicate removal
  context_left = 0                left context in container units
  context_right = 0               right context in container units
  attributes = DEFAULT_ATTRS      list of attributes to export
  structures = DEFAULT_STRUCTURES list of structures to export
  references = DEFAULT_REFS       list of structure attributes to export
RESULT — a dict containing:
  query, corpus, container, hits,
  max_hits, random_subset,
  context_left, context_right,
  attributes, structures,
  references, deduping            values specified when function was called
  datetime                        date and time at query termination
  elapsed                         number of seconds taken for query
  duplicates                      number of duplicates removed
  concordance                     a dict containing raw concordance lines
     match_offset                 offset of the match in the TOKEN sublist of region (cf. below)
     match_length                 length of the match in the TOKEN sublist of region (cf. below)
     meta                         per-hit 'references' list as requested in function call (same order)
     region                       the raw Manatee region (list)

  Format a single raw Manatee region as COW Python concordance line.
  region                          region to be formatted                 
RESULT                            a list holding the tokens/structs of concordance line

  Convert a single concordance line from cow_query() to flat COW concordance format.
  raw_conc                        convert a single 
RESULT — a dict containing:
  match_offset                    see cow_query() => RESULT => concordance
  match_length                    see cow_query() => RESULT => concordance
  meta                            see cow_query() => RESULT => concordance
  line                            COW concordance line (list), cf. cow_region_to_conc()

  Print a COW conordance to stdout or file. Output contains all meta information
  as headers (# lines). The concordance follows as TSV with headers. The match is
  in a separate column. Attributes are separated by |.
  query                           the query object returned by cow_query
  file = None                     file name; stdout if None
  matchmark_left = ''             additional marker left of match
  matchmark_right = ''            additional marker right of match
RESULT                            None